Give my a home.

A new initiative to face homelessness.

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How it Works

Working with Bethesda Project we meet with homeless individuals to learn their story and help create their handwritten typeface. The process is simple. With a pen & paper each person writes the alphabet and symbols down on a chart. After the information is filled in we create a digital version of the typeface to fully display their handwriting style. Finally the typefaces are made available online for designers to download through our gallery.

What We Do

Give a Face a Home is a new initiative with Bethesda Project creating original handwritten typefaces from homeless individuals in Philadelphia. This initiative aims to provide Philadelphia’s homeless population with a voice through sharing their typefaces and stories on the web. Each typeface is available for download along with an opportunity to donate to Bethesda and share the story of each person. Through design, Give a Face a Home will forge relationships and build a path to recovery for those in need.

Richard Wurfel

Kevin Gravus

Thomas Walsh

Michael Breckner

Patrick Jones

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Steve O'Brien

Ron Harvey

Donna Herbling

Sofia Green

Mary Donnels